Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10/30-31/11: Earthquake Basin, ID

Colter and I headed up into Earthquake Basin for one more attempt at an elk before the end of the season. We took off after church on Sunday and headed up into the basin from the McAllister Picnic Area. The trail showed signs of some recent heavy horse traffic. We made good time up into the basin and found a sheltered spot with access to water to set up the tent.

We got camp set up and then proceeded up to a ridge where we glassed without success until night fall. We headed back to camp and spent time around a fire until rain forced us into the tent.

Monday morning we were up before sunrise and glassed another ridge until the sun came up. We then explored around the basin for a few hours before heading back home. We had a good time and did not see another soul.


gumo said...

You both would make Jeremiah Johnson proud. Keep up the faith and your outdoor trips! Thanks for sharing with us.

Griffis Family said...

Thanks for the comments. We sure had a good time. A little disappointed to not harvest an elk this year.

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